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Marshall R Goldberg

Mr. Heater - B.I.S.S. Ch. Oakley's The Heat is On, OFA (Elbows and hips), BAER, CERF - April 8, 1998 - June 29, 2012

Welcome Internet traveler to my place in cyberspace. This web site is a living tapestry of my life - an ever growing and evolving online biography. Over time, this site will document much of my life - joys - sorrows - and insights.

I hope you all find something here that adds value to your life. And, in in doing so, adds something of value to my life.

I have not and will not bother to make it fancy. The emphasis here is to post new things that the reader/viewer can seek out and enjoy. 

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Change History:

08/27/2013 - My sweet Indy Dog is gone.

07/04/2012 - Mr. Heater passed on Friday, June 30th. He was my one in a million show dog and a fabulous friend.

02/02/2012 - Dodger Doggy is gone. His degenerative disk disease finally made it impossible for him to continue his doggy life.

07/04/2010 - Happy Birthday U.S.A. Finally, we are about to abandon the long ago discontinued Frontpage to another web authoring system. Facebook  remains the place where I am hanging out these days. Dodger is fixed - a miracle. Heater is having problems and I am worried this is the critter's last summer. Indy is thriving.

01/16/2010 - Many changes. I am using Facebook  more often. No more beard. Dodger is getting fixed at WSU's vet hospital after slipping a disk.

12/25/2008 - I have started a web site for my old friend, Danny Menezes for his Array Company.

12/19/2008 - Check events for access to our video servers, http://marshallview.dvrdns.org and http://arraycompany.dvrdns.org . More to follow.

07/20/2008 - The Resto-Beast wins the modified class at the Mustangs Northwest show in Bellevue.

06/10/2008 - Starting a bunch of updates. Back to counting calories.

02/07/2008 -  The winds of change blow yet again.

01/01/2008  - Happy New Year!

11/06/2007 - The wonderful Sarah Wernick passed away. We mourn with her husband, Willie, and all those who loved, respected, and admired her and her work. God Bless. R.I.P.

10/19/2007 - Site simplification. Update in events and Mustang Herd.

02/26/2007 - More photos of the Resto-Beast.

02/08/2007 - The Great 1965 Fastback Resto-Beast Mustang is painted. A neat picture of the doggies in English Setters

11/23/2006 - Happy Thanksgiving.

10/07/2006 - One of my oldest and dearest friends, Jeff Dorsey is now on the web.

10/06/2006 - My friend Brian Markey has passed away at age 47. More in Events.

09/26/2006 - Off to the Mustang Club of American show in Las Vegas. No cars of ours there yet. Yellow Fastback is alive and is my Texas car. No more rentals!

07/12/2006 - The  Resto-Beast is alive!  More to follow

06/28/2006 - Stuff in  Events. New Lady in my life. The Resto-Beast is about to be started.

06/13/2006 - The Resto-Beast project is going well. Look at the bottom of the page for the latest.

04/30/2006 - Update in Events.

02/26/2006 - Corky, Clark D. Towle, my buddy, partner, and "brother," passed away. More in  Events.

01/30/2006 - New picture of Dodger

01/29/2006 - Lots more in Toys. Pictures of the Resto Beast we are building.

12/31/2005 - No Christmas letter. Just a few ramblings and new home page picture.

10/08/2005 - Fixed a bunch of broken links. More in Toys. More to follow.

10/02/2004 - My eyes are done. More miracles.

06/18/2005 - Home. A little knee soreness lingers. A beautiful spring. More

02/01/2005 - More Events

01/25/2005 - How time flies. New essay about my eye surgery in Writings. Events Update

10/16/2004 - Events Update

05/22/2004 - Events Update

05/05/2004 - Catching the wind is indeed possible.

04/10/2004 - I have left my job after 11.5 years. Thanks to all at Microsoft that made the time spent there so memorable.

12/15/2003 - Much happening. Vacation to the Dominican Republic. Business trip to Japan. So much to post. So little time.

08/14/2003 - To Jordan.

07/26/2003 - My friend and professional digital erotic photographer, Peter Marshall took some wonderful pictures of me walking my mini-pack of English Setters.

07/10/2003 - A public thank you to Dr. Charles Moser for his help when I needed surgery for an infection during the SAR. And a thank you to all my fellow SARies and everyone else that treated me with such compassion during the healing process.

07/10/2003 - Indy Pup loves taking showers with me. Cute!

07/05/2003 - I posted a nice picture of Indy Pup sitting taken when he was 6 months old on Indy's page.

07/05/2003 - I have completed the SAR course at the Institute in San Francisco. More in events.

05/30/2003 - Peter Marshall is in Seattle and is available for photo shoots.

05/15/2003 - PUPPY !! We took home Indy Pup. He is doing well. Last weekend, we went to visit Tiffany and got to let Indy, Dodger, and Gator dog play at Lake Cle Elum. I took some good pictures we have posted for you to enjoy.

04/27/2003 - PUPPIES! We have taken two of Heater's pups. Added a new picture of AT and Dodger making faces at each other.

03/22/2003 - Lots of great things. Tiffany and I went on a magnificent trip to Cuba. Heater Dog won the English Setter Specialty in Scottsdale, Arizona.

02/10/2003 - Thanks to Peter Marshall for helping me when I got my wisdom teeth pulled.

02/01/2003 - We pray for the souls of those who perished in today's Shuttle disaster and pray for the peace of all those who knew, loved, and worked with them.

01/21/2003 - I finished the Landmark Education Forum course. Thanks to Steve Hayes for finally getting me to do this. I was amazed and astounded by what I learned.

01/20/2003 - I have posted our 2002 Holiday Picture. Many thanks to Creative Indulgence <http://www.creativeindulgence.com> for doing such a super job.

11/25/2002 - When Cynde left, I thought something was lost I would never get back.  Instead,  I am finding things I didn't know I had lost. Thanks to JL, Alex, Hayes, Jordan, Artic Tundra, Max, Snakeman, Gordon, Skye, Blue, Maiyim, Stephanie, and Aylea for their gifts to my life. I am blessed.

11/17/2002 - Wonderful vacation in Japan more in events.   Lots of writing. Starting a new section, "Writings."

10/05/2002 - Cynde Moya and I have broken up. More in events.

07/15/2002 - Formal show picture from Heater's win at the English Setter National specialty is now posted.

06/14/2002 - Heater goes "Best of Opposite to the Best of Breed" at the 2002 ESAA National dog show!

02/19/2002 - Lots of new stuff in English Setters, and Photography. Many photo galleries and more to come.

12/30/2001 - New recipe for Stuffed Portobello mushrooms. Cleaned up recipes page.

12/25/2001 - Some reorganization. Posted negative scans of a tattoo festival we visited in Photography. Other changes and additional photos in Dodger, Heater, and the Dodger Heater gallery. Photos from a dinner at Fred Stone's in Photography.

12/23/2001 - Posted a ton of portraits taken with a Fuji MX2700 in the People section.

12/22/2001 - I have posted some photo album pictures at: http://communities.msn.com/MarshalGPhotographs/shoebox.msnw Check out events.

9/11/2001 - God Bless America!

8/7/2001 - Heater Dog won the Puget Sound English Setter Club Specialty show!

7/15/2001 = Posted two new pictures of Heater

4/14/2001 = Dodger's AKC Champion Certificate has arrived! I have posted a show picture from Dodger's first major too. Updated events.

3/24/2001 = Dodger is now a champion, Ch. Seamrog Hurricane Nu Horizon.

3/5/2001 = Holiday card 2000 picture of Heater and Dodger. Family Portrait taken by Nigel Ellis.

12/31/2000 = Posted a picture of the story of how we got Heater, his picture, and a picture of Heater and Dodger

12/15/2000 = Dorothy Chellel, my late wife's mother has passed on. We have taken in a grown up English Setter! See Events.

10/9/2000 = Added a picture of my Sexology 101 class in San Francisco

9/22/2000 = Added events section for more pedantic daily stuff. Started by describing my minor accident in the newly bought Ford Windstar minivan. Added a nice recipe for Chinese roasted chicken with strange string beans.

9/16/2000 = My beloved James Dog crossed the bridge today. We mourn his passing and celebrate his life. 

9/14/2000 = Added a nice picture of me with Dodger and James on my evening walk. 

9/1/2000 = Green-bean fixed. ISP problem. Two new recipes. One with picture. 

8/13/2000 = New Aromatic Wild Rice  recipe. Added a new picture of me taken by Bruce Burns.

8/8/2000 = New Eggplant with Roast Pork in Hot Bean Paste recipe.

7/31/2000 = New Chinese Cabbage with roast chicken and mushroom recipe.

7/28/2000 = New curry squid with wild rice Chinese hot pot recipe.

7/21/2000 = Added short essay written when Trevor Dog passed. Juggled, modified,  and reduced home page main links. Lots of language tweaks in photography. Another masaman curry recipe and recipe categories. 

7/20/2000 = Added two defining essays to Health & food on my dietary change. Added an essay and poem about and dedicated to my father to Albert Goldberg.

7/9/2000 = Added new recipe

7/8/2000 = Added more sky shots to Photography. Added some additional language in recipes. Added pictures of Dorothy Chellel in people. Added pictures of James Dog and Phoebe dog in English Setters.

7/4/2000 = Put picture of Rainer and added equipment link in Photography. Changed Added change history.

7/3/2000 = Changed People. Added pictures of my folks.