"James" - American/Canadian Champion Rogresta Hurricane James

September 16, 2000:

Today we lost James. We are all in shock. Although we knew he had metastatic mast cell cancer, he had not shown any symptoms. James ran, played, went swimming, begged, and loved with his usual sweet manner. 

On the way to a photo shoot for the Border Collie Rescue group I noticed a urine smell on the landing to our basement. It was curious as neither dog has ever done anything like that in the house. It was a portent of what was to follow.

At the photo shoot, both Dodger and James were having a ball tugging me left and right and putting up a fuss. I decided to take them back home. On the way back to the car, James collapsed on the road. I lifted him into the car and rushed him to the vet's. At the vet's he collapsed again. His body temperature was going down and his blood pressure was oscillating from normal to low. The vet gave him a battery of drugs and put him on an IV while I was off taking some lunch. When I returned, James howled for me. I went to him and started petting his head. He looked at me and slumped down. I knew immediately he was about to die and told the vet. The vet looked stunned, came over with his stethoscope, and said "His heartbeat is slowing." His breathing became quieter and quieter and then stopped . . .

I thank God for giving me 10 great years with this creature. We will miss him terribly.

Rest in Peace my gentle one. 


My dear gentle James dog. Sweet, docile, but the most temperamental English Setter I have owned. When James gets angry, he will stand, growl, and walk away. "Why You !!!!" Cute !!! 

In the beginning:

My late wife Kathie's, cancer turned terminal in early 1990. One of her fondest wishes was to see Trevor, her champion, have offspring, and for us to get a Pup. We tried one breeding that didn't work. At that time, we had become friendly with Roanne Center, who had absolutely beautiful even tempered English Setters under the "Rogresta" kennel name. Roanne was looking to breed a liter with her gorgeous lady dog, Ch. Rogresta Lydia Dodge. I spoke with her about what it would mean to Kathie,  and as she thought a lot of Trevor anyway, decided to breed Lydia to Trevor. It worked. In June, as Kathie's cancer was getting worse, 3 little boy pups were born. We picked one and called him "James." It meant a great deal to Kathie having the little guy during the last month's of her life. His joyful playful ways brought her a certain fulfillment in her life. I can never thank Roanne enough for giving us James.

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This was the last picture I took of Kathie shortly before her death. I used a 300mm telephoto lens on one of my old Nikon Fs using slide film. The focus isn't perfect, but her expression says it all looking at James Puppy. Scanned with a Nikon LS30 scanner, resized, tweaked, and compressed with PhotoShop.
This is a picture of young James holding his teddy bear on the deck of our house on Hurricane Hill in New Hampshire.

James had a wonderful show career. Here are show pictures when he went "Best of Breed" at two shows in Canada at the peak of his career. He is being handled by Nancy Clark.