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These are recipes I made up based on various notions of fresh ingredients and how to bring out the flavors. They serve as illustrations as to how one can cook and yet still count and keep the calorie counts quite reasonable while serving large filling quantities of yummy foods. As I enter each recipe, it will go under the major headings. 

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NOTE: These recipes are *not* kitchen tested. There is lots of missing technique. Use at your own risk. (Feedback appreciated)

Clay Pots: (Chinese style casseroles)

January 14, 2001 - Clay pots are among our favorite winter dishes.  They feature a one pot meal of unusual health, warmth, and savory flavor. Today we made one that was so delicious, it completely blew us away. We lined the bottom of the clay pot with green leaf lettuce capped with baby spinach leaves and Bok choy. To that we added a cup and half of brown rice, a half dozen reconstituted home dried shitake mushrooms and topped with the 14 oz of King's BBQ Roast chicken and roughly a half pound of fresh broccoli. The sauce consisted of one container of the King BBQ liquid they give you with the chicken, one a half cups low salt no fat chicken broth, one tablespoon of Lee Kum Kee premium oyster sauce, and roughly one half cup of mushroom water.

July 28, 2000 Curry Squid with wild rice hot pot  - Just back from a quick business trip to England. Cynde picked me up at the airport and needed to stop in Seattle to finish a job application. As it was handy to do so, we stopped at our favorite Chinese BBQ shop, Kings, in Seattle's small but wonderful Chinatown. We bought some BBQ Pork and 3 chickens in different styles, BBQ, 5 Spice, and salt baked. Cynde noticed they had prepared Chinese style curried squid. It looked yummy. I then crossed the street to the wonderful Uwijamaya market and bought some veggies including some super fresh baby bok choy. When we got home I made up the following recipe using left over wild rice from a bath of aromatic wild rice I had made for a party last weekend. YUM !!!!

** August 25, 2000: Chinese roasted chicken with cauliflower, corn  and portabella mushroom hot pot - Local corn is in season. We love steaming it and using it in hot pots. Here is a delicious one combined with local cauliflower and portabella mushrooms.

Thai Style Curries:

July 1, 2000,   Scallop with Cauliflower, etc. in a spicy Thai country red curry sauce - Cauliflower: Yum. That sweet clean taste. I thought and thought of how best to prepare the succulent veggie. Using a super spicy Thai country red curry sauce had a lot of appeal. We picked up some huge fresh scallops at CostCo and fragrant fresh basil at the local fruit stand and put together this dish. Using the leftovers - roughly 1/3 of the original quantity, we added 10 oz of frozen cleaned squid rings and 1/2 lb of fresh oyster mushrooms and another handful of tomatoes. 

July 9, 2000,  Masaman Curry with dark meat chicken, eggplant, squash, string beans, and tomatoes. - Cynde had a yen for a nice Thai style yellow curry made with dark meat chicken. Our friend, Oscar Newkerk, joined us to enjoy this one. We served the curry with freshly cooked brown rice. Came out great!

July 21, 2000, Masaman Curry with dark meat chicken, string beans, cauliflower, onion, and carrot. -The local farm stand, "Gill's Garden" had local fresh purple and green string beans for sale. I decided to try yet another variation on the masaman curry theme in some ways quite similar to the last, in other ways very different. The sweet Wala-Wala onion added a delicious succulence. One would think so much basil and cilantro would overwhelm the flavor. No fear needed!


** September 22, 2000 - Roast Chicken with strange large string beans in black beans sauce - Bought some strange large string beans from Paul's Cottage Lake farm. These babies were big and mottled with a purplish green color. Decided to cook with a basic Chinese garlic infused black bean paste. Result was most excellent.
   ** August 7, 2000 - Eggplant with Chinese Roast Pork in Hot Bean Paste - Eggplant: A special veggie for us. We enjoy it many ways. Here is one of our favorites. Over the years, you will see many variations of this theme. Hot bean paste is wonderful stuff !!
** July 31, 2000: Chinese cabbage and mixed dried mushrooms with Chinese roasted chicken.- We buy various sorts of roast chicken at a great Chinese BBQ shop in Seattle's Chinatown - Kings BBQ. Since we can't eat large quantities at a time, we weight out portions, vacuum seal them using a FoodSaver, and keep them frozen. Preserving this way maintains the full flavor for several weeks. After our last visit to King's, I ran across the street to Uwijimaya and got some beautiful fresh Chinese Cabbage. The result was a bit mind blowing. Slightly salty. Not very saucy. Intense flavors without being spicy. Went very well with a bit of French bread and would go well with well-cooked rice.
** September 1, 2000: Chinese roasted chicken with zucchini squash and pea pods. -  Absolutely drop dead beautiful zucchini at Gill's Garden today. Bought 2 pounds. Gill's had local fresh pea pods too. Combined those with some of the King's Roasted chicken in a rich tasting sauce. 


August 12, 2000 - Aromatic Wild Rice with dates and coconut - Our friends Michael and Tammy invited us over for a party. Dinner was pot luck. One of my favorite party dishes is called Aromatic Wild Rice. I decided since they were going to grill various meats, that this would be an ideal summer dish. I have made variations of this recipe; this is one that has that perfect balance of taste, calories, and nutrition. Original recipe and concept.

January 1, 2002 - Updated.


Baked & Broiled:

**  December 30, 2001 - Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms - YUM!

Grand Salads:

Blackened fish & meats:


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