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     "Dodger" December, 2005 at age 6

After losing Trevor, poor James was so lonely it was heartbreaking. He would cry and cry. As I had already made plans to attend the English Setter National show in Green Bay, my intent was to find a nice pup as soon as possible.

Thanks to Angie & Craig Sparkes, I found a nice liter of pups bread by Shirley Hoeflinger and Ray Lynne Snowden out of their "Travis," Ch. Honeygait Goodtime Hot Topic. 

When I met the little critter, I knew he was mine. Feisty, smart, and super affectionate. My kind of dog.

We started showing Dodger just after he turned 6 months old. He quickly earned his first 9 points and need his two major wins to finish his championship. Unfortunately, there were none in our area for him to compete. We sent him to a cluster of shows in Arizona and he quickly won two 5 point major shows finishing his championship at 22 months of age. A big "thank you" to Bruce Schultz and Randy Schepper for handling him to his championship.

Photo Gallery: Dodger Dog. (Click on a thumbnail to see the large picture.)

Dodger pup at 11 weeks

This is a photo taken the night we brought Dodger home by our friend, Lynn Paquette, with a Kodak digital camera .

Dodger held by Marshall

Another photo by Lynn with James Dog taken the night we brought Dodger home.

Dodger Pup on the deck

Dodger's eyes are so dark and reflective, you can see images of the trees in our back yard in them.

Randy Schepper, PHA with Dodger

Dodger went Best of Winners at a small show on March 25, 2000, for some of his first championship points.

Shaun Jordan with Dodger

Shaun Jordan practises setting up Dodger at the English Setter 2000 National

Bruce Schultz with Dodger

Dodger's first major win. He won the very next day to finish his championship requirements.

Dodger's Championship Certificate

AKC Official document

Dodger Lying Down

We took this during the photo session we used for our holiday 2001 doggie picture.

Dodger Running

At Seattle's Green Lake dog park, Summer 2001

Dodger and AT making faces

Dodger and AT love to play.