Some gifts defy explanation, like yours.  This is a healing that will make us better people in unexpected ways. Feeling my happy independence for the first time in my life is illuminating many of the mysteries of who I am and why do I do the things I do. Good and bad.

Now I understand that a physiologist, just like an oncologist, faces situations every day that will not lead to the outcome one would hope for. This is a good lesson for me.  We share a common frustration. I thank God every day that you are out there to help folks like myself that find themselves in a situation where they rather would not be, and can help those of us, thankfully, that have the Gift of being able to see and take responsibility for their own behavior. I am indeed blessed.



To Jordan:
The mind contains many secrets.
A house with hidden rooms and windows.
Places we can only imagine exist -
    or pretend don't exist.
if not for those that have the Gift
of shining the light.