Trip to Cuba - March 7 - 14, 2003

Tiffany and I traveled to Cuba for the 16th convocation of the World Association of Sexology, where we represented Seattle's Sex Positive Community Center. I gave a presentations about the SPCC's goals and how we wish to help the world become a better place where people celebrate their sexuality as the gift to their lives it represents.

The trip had several aspects that made it an experience of a lifetime.

Cuba is the most repressive society I have ever visited. All advertising is for the government. The CDR - Committee for the Defense of the Revolution - is everywhere and watches all the people of Cuba. Police are everywhere. Society has deteriorated as the Cuban Peso that people are paid with are virtually worthless. No one has any real incentive to work. The US dollar is the de-facto currency now of Cuba and all Cubans are obsessed with earning them to make ends meet. Consumer goods we take for granted are unavailable.. All posters are government propaganda.

The conference was illuminating. Both Tiffany and I attended numerous sessions together and apart as our interests dictated. She loved the conference as much as I did. Several folks I knew from the IASHS where there too.

We were impressed and purchased some Cuban art. Art, unlike other items, can be brought back to the U.S. without regard to the regular $100 limit. We purchased paintings, hand-made jewelry, and carvings. The carvings are quite impressive featuring faces from Santeria, an African derived religion unique to Cuba.

Here are some of the photos I took with my little Casio 3.3 mp digital camera:

(Click on the thumbnail to see the full size version)


The Main Stage at the Convention

The Havana Libre - our hotel

Cuban art at the conference

Tiffany bought this artist's painting

Cuban kids greeting the attendees

Workers from a food stand dancing

A beautiful Havana sunrise

Robert and Lisa

Robert and Lisa

Tiffany looking at the bird

Tiffany feeding a bird a cashew nut

The bird grooming his foot

The balcony of our suite

Tiffany on the balcony of our suite

A Cuban bus

A painting Tiffany wanted we didn't buy

The National Hotel

The National from our suite's balcony

Another view from our balcony

A view of the busy corner from our balcony

Another view from our balcony

One of the vultures flying around the hotel

A Cuban building with an old car

A beautiful old Cuban Caddy

Interior view of a Cuban apartment

Yet another political billboard

A Havana street scene

Another Havana street scene

A Havana side street

Another typical Havana building

Tiffany looking at a deteriorated building

Tiffany with a friendly Cuban named Daniel