"Trevor" - Champion Meadowsetts Minuteman, Junior Hunter, OFA

When Trevor crossed the bridge, I wrote this essay.

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This is a picture of Trevor on the deck of our house on top of Hurricane Hill in Mason, NH, in 1991 when Trevor was 6 years old. It is the best rendition of his eyes I have. Negative scanned from Kodak Ektar print film by a Nikon Negative scanner. Compressed and reduced with Adobe PhotoShop. 
Here are some pictures taken from a session with Winthrop Handy, a professional in Boylston, Massachusetts back in 1987 when Trevor was 2 years old.
This black and white shot was used by Alceda Fantoni as a model to use for the engraving of Trevor on Kathie Chellel's gravestone. His distant wise gaze reflects the critter's way.