Roasted Chicken with strange large string beans - 9/22/2000
Ingredient Amount Unit Calories/unit Calories
Roasted Chicken (King's soy) 16 Oz 40 640
Large Strange String beans 2 Lbs 141 282
Onion (1 large yellow) 1 Lbs 173 173
Cherry Tomatoes 1 Lbs 96 96
Black bean paste with garlic (Chinese) 1.5 T 25 37.5
Low fat beef broth 0.5 Tin 30 15
Corn Starch 1 T 75 75
Cilantro 1 Bunch 30 30
Chinese rice wine 4 T 20 80
Sprig basil + 4 red Thai chilies
Total Calories 1428.5
Yield = 4 Servings 357.13 Per portion
Cut large strange string beans in bite sized pieces. Cut onion in large bite size pieces
Chop cilantro. Chop basil. Mix some beef broth with the corn starch.
Spray a wok with non-fat cooking spray. Turn heat to maximum. Add onions.
Stir fry until they just start cooking. Add the string beans and chilies. Drizzle in the rice wine.
Cook several minutes until the onions are well caramelized. Add beef broth and cook for 6 minutes under
moderate heat. Add black bean paste, chicken and cilantro. Cook another 3 minutes. Add tomatoes and basil.
Sprinkle the corn starch mix on and toss.
Serve and devour.