Dodger, Heater, and Indy together

July 26, 2003 - In October of 1996, my beloved Fianna dog passed over the rainbow bridge taking me from three English Setters to two. Over the years, I came to miss the dynamic and fun of owning what I call a "mini-pack." Now that we have Indy, Heater's son, I am once again back to three dogs. What an experience! I love having this bunch. They are fun, loving and help motivate me to get the exercise we all need.

Pete Marshall, my digital photographer friend, took some wonderful pictures while he was here helping me out of a typical doggie jaunt in the evening during this splendid summer. Pete's pictures capture the spirit of the moment and the beauty of the surroundings we are blessed to live with here in Puget Sound.

Now that Dodger Doggy is gone, these pictures become part of my cherished memories of those many years when all four of us would prance around the neighborhood.

Here is the photo gallery. All photographs (c) Pete Marshall, 2003.

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