Pete Lichtenberg in Seattle


Digital Erotic Art Photographer, Pete Lichtenberg, will be returning to Seattle from his home in North Carolina from June 1 through June 9. Sponsored by SPCC Board Member Marshall Goldberg, Pete will be visiting the area to offer Wet Spot members the opportunity to participate as subjects in his specialized photographic style.  Pete is accepting bookings for private shoots at the Wet Spot, or other locations of your choosing.


Pete has a fresh enhanced-reality style of digital erotic art photography preferring to work in an environment such as The Wet Spot, where passion and sexuality are openly encouraged. For more information on arranging private shoots before Pete’s visit to the Wet Spot, or see some of his work, call Marshall Goldberg at 206.790.6380 or email to:


Here is a montage featuring some of Pete's work:

(Click on the thumbnail to see the large image.)