B.I.S.S. N.B.O.S. Champion Oakley's The Heat is On, OFA (E&H), BAER


1/20/2005 - Heater retired from his show career last year after a tail injury. He is happy as ever and enjoying his doggie life.

4/27/2003 - Puppies! We have taken 2 boys, Milton & Indy,  from the liter produced by Heater and Sadie, Ch. Oakley's Sassy Lady Sadie, OFA (E&H). (Click on the thumbnail below to see the full sized picture.)

5/30/2007 - Update: Milton is living in England and is doing very well as a proper English show dog. Like many of Mr. Heater's offspring, he is being actively bred.

Indy wagging his tail

Indy Sitting

Milton Sitting

Milton Set Up

Indy Set Up


2/15/2003 - Heater wins the English Setter Club of Phoenix, Arizona specialty with his new handler, Bruce Schultz. (Click on thumbnail for the full-sized picture.)


6/15/2003 - Heater goes "Best of Opposite Sex to the Best of Breed" at the 2002 English Setter Association of America Specialty!

After our beloved James passed away, poor Dodger was left all alone for the first time in his life without a doggie pal. We decided that it would be best finding an adult dog and not go through the process of raising another pup. Fortunately, we were presented with several opportunities to get such a dog. After meeting several, I fell absolutely in love with a critter that was up for sale in West Palm Beach Florida, "Heater," Champion Oakley's The Heat is On, OFA, BAER. The first time I met Heater, he seemed to know who I was and immediately nibbled my nose. I was blown away. Soon after, I traveled back to West Palm Beach, bought a crate, packed him up, and took him home.

Heater was "best puppy" at the huge Combined Setter Specialty in 1999. He earned his championship at 12 months of age with several impressive wins. Heater is a superb mover. His reach is extraordinary and his movement free and easy. Heater has a classic English Setter head, and what, in my opinion, is a perfect balanced English Setter disposition. It is a privilege to keep this noble creature as part of our household. Heater's brother Cigar won the English Setter Association of American (ESAA) National in 2001. Now Heater is the best male in the 2002 National!

Heater took to Dodger right away. Heater and Dodger are absolutely best pals and do everything together. Both Heater and Dodger love to hunt and work together.

Heater is a great mover. He moves freely with a high efficiency, as if in slow motion. His disposition is assertive without any trace of viciousness or shyness, and yet is about as sweet as a dog can be. He is the consummate show dog. He stands like a statue, head high, with his tail pointed out and his eyes shut. All the handler has to do is lightly hold his lip; Heater does the rest. He responds to applause and shows visible joy in being shown. His pedigree is from careful line breeding with deep genetic/health strength. Heater shows excellent bird dog instinct and drive. (I am planning do some hunting test work with him.)

Photo Gallery:  Heater and Dodger together.

(Click on the thumbnails to view the large pictures.)

 Heater loves to hang out on the deck looking over his doggie yard. (Film scan from test roll done with my nice new Nikon 80 - 400 mm lens)
Here is a nice picture of Heater's expression and gaze.
Heater is a wonderful bed dog. Here is picture of Heater snuggled with me. As we say, "That Mr. Heatie is such a sweetie!"
Heater went out with professional handler Randy Schepper on the dog show circuit in May of 2001 for the first time in our ownership. He won 7 out of 8 best-of-breeds. Here is a picture taken after one of his wins
While on the road, Mr. Art Stewart took some candid pictures of Randy Schepper and Heater in Portland. I scanned one of his negatives and made this close up of Heatie.
Heater won the 2001 Puget Sound English Setter Club  Specialty show for his first Best In Specialty Show. For me, it is dream come true. A truly unique experience to have one's beloved pet win such a prestigious event. We look forward to Heatie siring more litters helping to keep the best qualities of the English Setter. A bit "Thank You!' to Randy Schepper and everyone that made this possible. I dedicate his win in loving memory of  my first wife, Kathie Chellel, as I know somewhere out there she was as excited as Cynde and I when Heatie won.

High Resolution Scan of Heater, BISS (Warning! 3.8 megabytes!)

Here is a picture of Heatie seated we took during the photo shoot session for our 2001 holiday doggie picture. His twinkle shows very well.
After a long day of play, a doggie needs his rest.

Photo Gallery: Heater at the Rose City Classic Cluster, January 2002.