Writings -

01/25/2005 - Another huge day in my life. After four years of suffering with a bad right eye, I underwent successful surgery in Boston by Dr. Donald D'Amico to fix it.

"Der Tag" January 12, 2005



From time to time, I enjoy and am inspired to write. Essays and poetry are my usual forms of expression. Due to the psychic aftermath of my ex-wife's departure and initial refusal to reconcile. I find my creativity heavily stimulated to write. Often times, I wake up with words in my head. I rush to paper or my notebook and jot the thoughts down.

Here are some examples:

The Savage Beast - Hurricane, 11/17/2002

Morning meanderings, October 17, 2002

To Tess: Written at the Exotic Erotic Ball - 10/27/2002

 The Burning Within - 11/8/02

Tough Morning - Written after the X left me and I didn't know the truth about why:

Here is an essay I wrote when my father, Albert Goldberg,  died:

Meanderings of the Olde Soldier May 10, 2000

And a poem dedicated to him:

To My Father

An essay when my beloved Trevor Dog crossed the bridge:

Goodbye my sweet Trevor Boy