1993 Black SVT Cobra

Update: Thanks to the wonderful folks at LM Auto Body, we can no longer call this Cobra any names. They fixed the interior, re-painted the left rear quarter panel, fixed all the seals, re-hung the doors and re-hung the hatchback.


The Cobra came to us as the result of a bad deal. She was seriously misrepresented. After some legal wrangling, the person selling the car refunded enough of my money to at least justify the base expense.  I could generate a list of what was and still is wrong, but that is kind of silly. Overtime, she will be completely rebuilt. The drive train, chassis, and suspension came first.

She is a large project. The quality of the work done so far is a testament to the skill of Brad Tibbets at Willow Automotive in Kirkland, Washington.  What I love about Brad, is that you can trust his work for the long haul. His long and varied experience with a strong background as a hot rodder adds to his skills working in the grounded world of keeping the family car running.

I remember the first time Brad took the drums off the rear brake of the Black Beast. He looked and stated, "The shoes are reversed." Geez. I couldn't tell the difference and neither could the last person that worked on the brakes. While talking and looking at me, he took the thing apart, switched the shoes, cleaned, lubricated where needed, and put it all back together again. For those of you that haven't seen a rear drum brake, it is filled with springs and other things causing an armchair guy like me to flee in horror.

We had to weld up the unibody, add reinforcing, a new Central Coast engine, rebuild the transmission, rebuild the brakes, replace the front suspension including a tubular K member, rebuild the rear suspension, and the list goes on and on.

Maximum Motorsports impressive full length subframe connecters, Kwiq industries torque box reinforcements, and custom welding and fabrication by Jimmy Boyce fixed and improved the chassis.

One nice thing about the current state of the Ratt is that she is 100% street legal passing Washington's California-compatible emissions testing. Further proof that high performance engines can run clean.  

 Now that she is back on the road, this one is my principal driver. This is my first car with a sun roof and I am enjoying it.

The Ratt dyno'ed at 272 RWHP and 300 ft/lbs of torque. This translates to over 330 at the flywheel right in the range we expected. The factory Cobra's engine is rated at 235 flywheel horsepower showing how well the new heads, cam, and other modifications provide added performance while maintaining excellent drivability.

The sole exterior modification is smoked gray projector style headlights.