1965 Mustang Fastback - The first year they made them


Being converted to:

The First Resto-Beast (tm) Mustang

July 20, 2008

The Resto-Beast wins the modified class at the huge Mustangs Northwest show in Bellevue Washington!

July 8, 2006 The Resto-Beast is alive !!!!

A huge "thank you" to Mike Glover, developer of the TwEECer for providing the base MAP and tuning her at Fastlane, Inc. in Houston, Texas.

Here are some details:

The current drive train is:

Engine: Dart after-market racing block 302 8.2" deck height with all forged SCAT rotating assembly stroked to 331 cubic inches, Air Flow Research 185 heads, Scorpion roller rockers, GT-40 intake, with a Kenne-Bell Flowzilla/Blowzilla twin-screw supercharger featuring a custom intercooler running at an initial 10 lbs of boost. Ford based EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) system programmed through a TwEECer RT connected to a laptop computer. 16 gallon sump added fuel tank, and in line high pressure pump.

The engine is from Brian Adams of AD Performance of Samamish, WA. Brian sells some of the best parts on the market at reasonable prices and access to one of the best experienced engine machinists in the area. Brian has quite a deserved reputation in the Mustang community.

Transmission & Shifter: Tremec TKO 600 5 speed supplied by Muscle Motors Performance, Inc. 

Clutch: RAM Stage 3+  rated at over 600 ft/lb of torque from Dallas Mustang.

Custom drive shaft.

Rear End & Third Member: Currie 9" Ford type axle and housing, Positraction third member with 3.50 gears. Summit Racing traction bars and spring supports. Global West rear springs and bushings.


Randall's Rack and Pinion light power steering. (HIGHLY recommended!)

Flaming River stainless tilt steering column.

Grant 13.5" wood steering wheel with Mustang Pony center.

All Global West  tubular control arms.

Brakes: Four wheel disk brakes. CNC billet front brakes,  SSBC in the rear. Hydraulic clutch modified for longer throw.

Chassis and Suspension: Full Global West "stage 3 +" with subframe connectors, jacking rails and Koni shocks

Wheels & Tires:  American Racing "Hype" 18" wheels with B.F. Goodrich tires. The original wheels were too doughty for the car. The Resto-Beast blue needs chrome and we gave it to her.

Wiring: Painless from C.J. Pony Parts & Custom.

Interior: JME Custom black Camera case gauge panel with Autometer Phantom series gauges from Mustangs Plus. All black with leather front seats.

Autometer Ultra Light series boost/vacuum, and fuel pressure.

Paint: Metallic Pearlescent light blue. No emblems.

Exhaust:  Custom from Ford Powertrain Applications. Custom X pipe with oxygen sensors, Flowmaster 2 chamber mufflers with modified Mustang trumpet tips. All from C.J. Pony Parts. Wide band oxygen sensor from Innovate.

Body:  Modified hood to accommodate the supercharged engine.  We wish to keep the classic lines of the vehicle as it was.

Air Conditioning: Classic Auto Air's in-dash R134 (non-Freon) system from C.J. Pony Parts.



The original bottom:


With Global West subframe connectors and jacking rails, etch primed ready for final painting.


Fully finished with black sheen over coating:

Disassembled: (Click to see a larger version of the pictures, back button to return)

Rear & bottom done: (Click to see a larger version of the pictures, back button to return)

Vintage Venom Rear Disk Brakes

Kumho Ecsta Tires

Global West subframe connecters & jacking rails

Vintage 45 wheels with tires mounted

Finished undercarriage

Rear End Assembly installed

Now David is doing the front end of the body. Here is some pictures of his initial work:

(Click to see a larger version of the pictures, back button to return)

David is going to fix this problem.

David's sheet metal work shows in this view.

Flaming River Rack & Pinion

Flaming River stainless tilt steering column

June 13, 2006



We can't use the billet distributor due to the large fuel rails. Fortunately, we have a stock one.

Engine with Kenne Bell Flowzilla/Blowzilla

The Resto-Beast's rugged Dart block based 331 cu in blow engine is ready to drop in.

State of the interior.

The rear of the Resto-Beast.

Fuel tank with anti-slosh sump

Supercharged cars need protection against fuel starvation. We added a sump to prevent this from happening.

Billet dash with Autometer gauges.

Oxygen ratio gauge will be in a dash pod. Boost and fuel pressure in a pillar pod.