People Pictures

All taken with a Fuji MX2700. Reduced and tweaked with PhotoShop.

(Click on each image to see the full sized picture.)

Amsterdam Gary

Taken at Gary's coffee shop in Amsterdam, spring 2000

Natalie Anderson

Taken in Amsterdam, early spring 2000

The Four Ladies

Taken in Amsterdam, Spring 2000

Charlie Sinclair

Friend since the '60s.

Charlie Cruising

Charlie and Brandon

Connery Cole

Connery is an outstanding junior handler

Connery Cole and Heater

First time I met Heater, 1999

Andy Himes

At his demented cereal sculpture contest

David and Francis Blumenfeld

Ellen Rome

Eugene Ahn

Photographer, Writer, Web Designer


Johannes Klein and Greg Meredith

Taken in Winchester England, summer 1999

Hans Meier

At at friendly party

Jen and Kell Wedding

Jesse Monroe

Juggling 5 balls at once!

Kathryn Gates

Outside The Institute

Kathryn Gates

With an attitude

Lou Moya

In her new cowboy hat, December 2000

Bud Moya at Work

Jen Moya

Jen Moya

Mary and Woofie

Cyra Richardson

Oscar Newkerk

Oscar at the Gorge

Sting concert, 2000

James U and Pat Helland

Sara Williams at the PDC

Stawsh on an airplane

Steven Fell

Larry Golding

Scott Campbell

Vicky Monk

Wally with a beard

Bim and Wally

Wally Sisson