Masaman curry with chicken, tomatoes, eggplant, squash & string beans
Ingredient Amount Unit Calories/unit Calories
Chicken (Boneless Thighs) 1.3 pounds 567.00 737.10
Eggplant 2 pounds 117.94 235.88
String Beans 12 Oz 8.78 105.36
Pattypan Squash 22 Oz 11.34 249.48
Mixed Cherry Tomatoes 1.5 Lb 95.26 142.88
Fresh Pineapple 10 oz 13.89 138.90
Coconut Milk (Royal lite) 1 tin light 390.00 390.00
Chicken stock 0.5 tin no fat 30.00 15.00
Red Bell Pepper 0.5 Piece 15.00
Masaman curry paste 4 tbls 22.50 90.00
Thai fish sauce 8 tbls 20.00 160.00
Basil 1 Bunch 5.00 5.00
Thai Chilies (Dry Red) 4 peppers 0.70 2.80
Total Calories 2287.40
Yield = 6 Servings 381.23 Per Serving
Cut all ingredients into bite sized pieces. Chop basil moderately fine.
Chill coconut milk. Open without shaking. Skim off the cream at the top. Fry curry paste in the cream over
moderate heat until the paste is incorporated and fragrant. Add the rest of the coconut milk, the chicken stock,
the chilies, and all the veggies except the tomatoes and pineapple. Add the fish sauce.
Cook covered over moderate heat until the veggies are just getting cooked. Add the chicken and pineapple.
Add the basil. Just as the chicken is cooked through, add the cherry tomatoes and cook for just a minute or so.
Serve with rice.