Eggplant with Chinese Roast pork in hot bean paste - August 7, 2000
Ingredient Cal/unit Calories
2.4 lbs. Chinese Eggplant 117.94 283.06
8 oz Chinese Roast Pork 60.00 480.00
1 Large Wala Wala Onion 150.00 150.00
1 lbs. Cherry Tomatoes 96.00 96.00
3 Pieces Fresh Water Chestnuts 15.00 45.00
3 Tbsp. Chinese style Hot Bean paste 30.00 90.00
1 Tin No fat chicken stock 30.00 30.00
1 Tbsp. Corn starch 50.00 50.00
1 Bunch Cilantro 15.00 15.00
1 tsp Sichuan Pepper Corn 5.00 5.00
Total for 4 large servings 1239.06
Each serving 309.76
Roll cut eggplant into bite sized pieces
Chop the cilantro moderately fine.
Peel and dice water chestnuts
Cut the onion into bite sized pieces.
Dissolve the corn starch in about 3 T of the chicken stock.
Pan brown and crush the Sichuan pepper corn.
Spray a wok with cooking spray. Heat until hot. Add onion. Stir-fry until slightly translucent over high
heat. Add eggplant. Continue stir-frying until heated through. Add the chicken stock and half the cilantro.
Bring to a hard boil while stir-frying. Reduce heat to a light boil. Cook until eggplant is just getting done.
Add diced water chestnut, the rest of the cilantro, and the hot bean paste. Raise the heat.
Add the roast pork. Heat through. Slowly drizzle the corn starch mix while stirring.
Add the Sichuan pepper corn.
Serve and devour!