Curry Squid with wild rice, dried mushrooms, water chestnuts, and baby bok choy
Ingredient Amount Unit Calories/unit Calories
Curry Squid (From Kings Chinese BBQ) 8 Oz 50 400
Wild Rice (Cooked) 5 Cups 140 700
BBQ Pork (From Kings) 1 Oz 100 100
Dried Mushrooms (Shitake, White, Portobello) 2 Oz 80 160
Baby Bok Choy 8 Oz 3.69 29.52
Water Chestnuts (Fresh!) 4 Pieces 10 40
Fresh Greens 4 Oz 4 16
Total Calories 1445.52
Yield = 4 Servings 361.38      Per portion
Trim and coarsely mince water chestnuts. Rinse and reconstitute dried mushrooms with hot water.
Reserve the water. 

Trim and cut in strips. (We used some of our home dried whites and portabellas)

Line a large Chinese clay pot with the greens. Put the rice, drained dried mushrooms, minced water chestnuts,
and the squid on the greens. Put the few slices of pork on the top for flavor. Add the reserved
mushroom water avoiding allowing the sediment to go into the dish. Cover. Put in a cold oven.
Turn the heat to 500 degrees and set a timer for 30 minutes. At 30 minutes, add the baby bok
choy cut in large pieces, bake for another 6 minutes and serve.